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Mysticweb was a website originally established in 2001 by Mark Pritchard (Belsebuub). This website was the original home of his free online courses in astral travel and dreams, self-knowledge, esoteric wisdom and advanced investigations.
Mysticweb operated in its full capacity from 2001 – 2005. It no longer runs courses.
This website was created as a retrospective look at the content offered on Mysticweb.org.

Mysticweb was an online hub for everything related to the journey to enlightenment, with its stated purposes being to advance esoteric knowledge and help people discover the nature of reality and what’s really going on in life. The site contained informative articles across a broad range of spiritual topics, articles where people shared their personal experience of spiritual practices, and most importantly hands-on techniques for people to gain experience with a practical form of spirituality in their own life.

The original banner on Mysticweb

The original banner on Mysticweb

In 2001 while the internet was still in relative infancy, Mysticweb was established by Belsebuub as a site that could reach many people around the world interested in spiritual development. From its very beginning one of Mysticweb’s primary functions was to share practical spiritual information through the structure of its free online courses which he authored. Along with articles and free courses there were lively forums, a chatroom and a guestbook, which were popular features of the website.

More information about the courses offered on Mysticweb.org is available through the links below:


  • How the Courses Worked

    Find out more about the structure of the courses at Mysticweb...

  • Astral Travel & Dreams

    The course where people learned how to have an out-of-body experience...

  • A Course in Self-Discovery

    How thoughts, emotions, and feelings affect spiritual development...

  • Esoteric Wisdom

    This course provided an overview of the spiritual path...

  • Advanced Investigation

    A course focused on exploring practical spiritual exercises...

  • Teachers

    For learning how to share spiritual knowledge responsibly and effectively...


At the time, Belsebuub remarked about the courses offered on Mysticweb:

Here in these courses, I give from my experience the most important tools and information that one needs to begin the esoteric path and to walk along it. I hope that the information is practiced seriously and diligently, so that even more people can walk along the path and help the people of the world.

If you want to know about the path, you will have to walk it. This is not a question of believing what is said, because beliefs are not based upon experience, it is experience which gives knowledge, which is gnosis.

What I explain on these courses will be useful to those who practice and investigate, and will be obscure to those who don’t, but I have to tell it like it is, from my own experience, for those who truly wish to awaken.

~ Belsebuub

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